Some of Our Fields of Study

  1. It organizes trainings for the development of individuals at all levels in all aspects, introduces development methods, and in the light of these, ensures that young generations are brought up in scientific, contemporary, intuitive and rational thinking.
  2. To improve the scientific, artistic, vocational, educational and other skills of our people at all levels, it opens courses at all levels such as research centers, pre-school institutions, kindergartens, primary schools, high schools and equivalent schools, dormitories, educational institutions, studying centers, private teaching institutions, reading rooms, libraries, clubs, museums, sports activity halls, meeting halls, hostels, archives, documentation centers, cultural centers, youth centers, information banks, restores and operates them, establishes partnerships, and grants scholarships to institutions.
  3. It organizes educational courses for the personal levels of our people at all levels.
  4. It carries out cultural and artistic activities, establishes commissions, conducts informative studies to protect the natural environment and our historical cultural heritage, restores historical monuments with the permission of the relevant authorities, and carries out all kinds of activities to improve environmental awareness.
  5. In line with their purposes; Our country cooperates with national and international organizations in our country or in the international arena, in order to carry out activities in every subject that might be beneficial for our nation. It organizes national-international scientific meetings and conferences, participates in congresses and conferences, has scientists and universities conducting research and prepare reports, and presents them to the benefit of the society and those concerned.
  6. It can provide consultancy services and education to individuals, groups, public institutions and organizations.